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Gloss UV DTF Transfer Sheet 100cm x 56cm

Next working day delivery available.

Quantity Price per linear metre (ex VAT)
Single sheet £19.99
2-4 sheets £16.66 each
5+ sheets £13.33 each

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Please upload artwork at 100cm x 56cm @ 150dpi or higher. PDFs preferred.


UV DTF Transfer Printing

Our UV direct to film transfers (UV DTF transfers) are printed using the highest quality inks and are supplied fully cured and ready to press.

Professional quality UV DTF printing equipment is both large and costly. We offer next working day delivery on all UV DTF print orders placed before noon so that anyone can offer professional grade UV DTF transfer prints with zero equipment

How Fast is Delivery of UV DTF Transfer Prints?

Next working day delivery is available to all UV DTF transfer orders placed before noon.

We also offer a range of other cost effective delivery options for less time critical orders.

UV DTF transfer collections from our factory are also no issue. Please contact us to arrange.

Artwork Requirements

Please upload artwork sized to 100cm x 56cm. PDFs are preferred but TIF, and PNG with transparent backgrounds are acceptable.

JPEGs don’t allow for transparency so we’ll do our best to remove the sheet colour although unexpected results may occur so, if possible, please do stick to PDFs.

CMYK artwork will give you the best colour accuracy.

If you are unsure about the artwork requirement please do get in touch.

What are UV DTF Transfer Prints?

UV Direct to film transfer prints (DTF transfer prints) are the latest in decal printing technology. Although to say decal printing, or even sticker printing, seriously under states the number of uses for UV DTF transfers.

Similar to high end direct to film garment printing an industrial inkjet printer is used to print the design. UV DTF printers first print the white layer on to an adhesive film, then print the colour layer, and finally a clear varnish where on top of that. The machine uses integral ultra bright UV lamps to cure the prints into a super tough yet flexible finished print.

The end result is a transfer ready to apply that needs zero weeding, zero pre-treatment, no heat, only finger pressure and leaves zero residue.

The transfer can be applied to almost any rigid or semi-rigid surface from candles, to classes, to notebooks. The list really is near limitless.

The comparison between UV DTF prints and traditional stickers or vinyl is night and day. Gone are the limits on shape, size and colours. Welcome to full colour prints in any shape you want.

Our UV DTF Transfer sheets are supplied in 56cm wide x 100 cm lengths. We offer significant discounts for larger orders and regular customers.

Our trained UV DTF print experts will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

Can I Put Multiple UV DTF Transfers on this Sheet to Save Money?


Most customers use this larger sheets size to layout multiple UV DTF transfer prints. The sheet can be easily cut down with scissors and will not leave any residue after pressing.

We encourage our customers to fit as many UV DTF transfers on each sheet as possible, even taking up any empty space with spare UV DTF prints.

Remember, if you have any questions please do get in touch

How Do I Apply UV DTF Transfers?

Our UV DTF transfer prints are supplied ready to apply. There’s no need to apply any further adhesive or use any sort of press.

Simply trim the UV DTF sheet with scissors, peel of the white backing and apply the decal to your item. Press firmly with your thumb and peel off the clear from film.

The decal is pretty firmly attached immediately but will form a rock solid bond over the next couple of hours.

Excess film won’t leave residue so trimming the UV DTF transfer print is purely for convenience.

What If I have Questions on UV DTF Transfer Printing?

Simply get in touch and our print experts will answer any questions you may have over the phone or via email.

Our staff are fully trained on UV DTF transfer printing and also more than happy to demo our DTF prints to visitors.

A sample pack is also available so that you can test our UV DTF transfer prints.

Colour Accuracy

Our UV DTF transfer prints use premium inks and are printed for quality not speed. Our experience is with fine art printing and we carry that over to our UV DTF transfer printing.

Our colours are carefully calibrated using a colour spectrophotometer to ensure that our UV DTF transfer prints are as accurate as possible.

The end result is a UV DTF transfer print with colours far more accurate than a process screen print. Our UV DTF transfer prints have a colour accuracy on par with the very best sublimation prints but without the limitation of only printing on white garments.