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603 UV DTF


  • 3 x Epson I3200 print heads
  • 60cm wide print area
  • Up to 15 sqm / hour
  • Industry standard components
  • UK based support
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1ClickPrint 603 UV DTF

Our range of DTF printers offer the latest in professional grade DTF printers but at a revolutionary price point.

Our DTF UV printers uses Epson I3200 print heads and offer a 60cm wide print area to ensure reliability, flexibility and productivity in your print environment.

Our machines are among the most reliable available but, if you do need help with your machine, our expert engineers are available for remote and in-person assistance UK wide


What Is UV DTF Printing?

You may currently be finding yourself in the position I was in around a year ago.

I’d heard DTF being banded around and UV DTF sounded very similar.


  • UV DTF is NOT for garments. Normal DTF is for garments
  • UV DTF produces varnished adhesive prints that do not require heat to apply
  • UV DTF requires no pre-treatment
  • UV DTF produces full colour prints – including a white channel
  • UV DTF prints make amazing varnished stickers
  • UV DTF prints are perfect to promotional or decorated items
  • UV DTF requires no weeding
  • UV DTF is cost effective on quantities from 1 to 1000s
  • UV DTF can be used on light and dark items
  • UV DTF does not use an adhesive shaker

So basically, if your are producing decorated or promotional items then UV DTF should be in your tool kit.

So, Actually What is it?

UV Direct-to-film printers, perhaps unsurprisingly, print direct to an adhesive PET film and use UV lamps to cure the prints. The white layer is printed, followed by the colour layer, and finally the varnish layer.

This print is passed through the inbuilt laminator that applies the top carrier layer.

The adhesive is behind a protective film and so the prints can be handled without any issues.

Applying the Prints

Simply trim the print to the appropriate size, peel off the bottom layer and apply to a clean dry surface. Finger pressure is fine, no heat is needed. Peel of the top carrier film and done.

No nasty residue, just the print is left behind.

The printers are ultra tough and the adhesive is extra strong so no need to be delicate with the item once the print has been applied.

The film is PET which is 100% recyclable so no single use plastics here.

Is the White Opaque? Are the Colours Solid and Vibrant?

We know, DTG (not DTF) printers suffered from awful washed out prints. If you put too much white underbase down it would bleed and the colour layer would pool and streak.

DTG printing was about finding out how washed out the customer would accept the prints.

And don’t even try getting a nice bright solid block of a colour.

Even with pre-treat, garments are far from an ideal print media. In fact they are about as bad as could be imagined.

DTF printers print to something that’s supposed to be printed on. The end result is a bright, vibrant print with none of the limitations DTG imposes.

UV DTF carries on with that and produces rich, detailed prints that stand head and shoulders above rival priont methods.

What’s the UV DTF Cost Per Print?

It depends on size and coverage. Using our film and inks an average would be around £6 / linear metre.

You might have 500 small prints on that metre, you might have a few larger prints.

We found the cost to be SIGNIFICANTLY lower than DTG ( our DTF ink costs less), vinyl (a fraction of the wastage and no weeding), sublimation (DTF can press onto standard garments) and screen printing (unless the quantity is very, very high and the number of colours is low the screen costs are insane).

I’ve seen Printers on Ebay / Amazon and they seem to be Modified Desktop Printers

Yes, I’ve also seen modified desktop printers availabe for £2,000 – £4,000. For years the DTG (not DTF) printers sold to businesses were simply modified desktop printers.

We’ve got through more than our fair share of these Frankenstein printers over the years.

With even these DTG printers going for £15,000 it’s unsurprising that a cottage industry sprung up building cheaper versions from the £750 printers they where constructed from.

As the DTG (not DTF) market died a few homebrew DTF printers have appeared.

The DTF process simply doesn’t work to any sort of reasonable standard on a single head machine. Passing a wet sheet of PET film through the printer multiple times just makes a mess.

You also get the pleasure of applying your own adhesive in a cat litter try.

But don’t worry, you won’t have to do it long as the consumer printhead will be dead before you know it and you’ll be throwing the entire contraption in the bin.

If you don’t have enough demand to justify a professional DTF printer just purchase your DTF prints on demand. They are with you next day and yes, we can help you with that:

Click here -> Trade DTF on demand prints

Honestly, don’t waste your time or your money on homebrew.

Why Are Your Machines Less than Other Suppliers? Aren’t They the Same?

I’m glad you asked that.

Our machines use Epson I3200 printheads, just like our competitors, they use the exact same industrial control boards as our competitors, they are built around the same chasis as our competitors, and they use the same inks as our competitors.

We offer the best customer service in the industry and we have, we believe, the largest team of engineers in the UK.

So what’s the difference?

We have always been about fair pricing and, up to now, businesses have been over charged for their DTF equipment.

UV DTF printers really are a revolution and we believe that artificially inflating the price so only a select few can benefit only hurts the industry in the long run.